CMPL is a SIM style Madden League that advances every 3 days. If you are interested in joining please register an account and log in to the chat room. An admin will help you from there.










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Post  Biblical_Beastn on Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:08 pm

1. After creating your account please read the following rules.

2. Every new member must send a PM to biblical_beastn with your gamertag and phone number. clutch28 will then send you the info to join on the console.

3. Cell phones are required for this league. The contact list forum can only be seen by members of the site. Groupme is also required

1. Groupme as well as the chatbox is a place where owners can trade, schedule games, and discuss game plans.

2. Please treat other members with respect. I understand that Madden can get competitive and intense. We dont want to lose owners over events that happen in the Chatbox.

8 minute quarters
20 accel clock
Injury: TBD
Weather: ON

1. Weeks will be advanced twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 EASTERN.

2. Weeks 15, 16, and 17 will be acclerated advances for teams in the playoff race.

3. Playoff Advances will be once each game for the round is done. (TRY TO FINISH PLAYOFF GAMES ASAP)

1. All trades must be posted in the "Trade Approvals" forum before they can be processed in game.

2. Once both parties have commented on the post the trade can then be processed in game.

3. Trade posting format:

Name of Team Receive:

First Name Last Name, Position , Ovr

Name of Team Receive:

First Name Last Name, Position , Ovr

4. The Trade deadline is at the end of the Regular Season.

5. We ONLY allow USER - USER trades. USER - CPU trades are not allowed.

1. 4th Down Rule - You can only go for it on 4th down if it’s the 4th quarter and you are down by 17. There may be close calls where its 4th and inches and you are up and you feel you need to go for it to seal the deal and keep your defense from having to make a stop. That maybe okay. Just be realistic.

2. Hurry up offense – Their should be no hurry up offense unless its after the Two Minute Warning.

3. Pass/Run Ratio – you must run and pass at least 10 times a game. Don’t abuse chris Johnson with 95% of your offense running off tackle all game. That’s unrealistic. Make sure to include runs between the tackles.

4. Nano blitzing – A nano blitz is when you adjust your defense manually to get INSTANT pressure in the backfield. This is not allowed. Why? Because its unrealistic obviously. If your defense is getting INSTANT pressure multiple times a game, then you are obviously abusing a glitch in the game. This is not allowed. Shake Blitzes are not allowed either.

5. BLOCKING - No moving your WR in motion and hiking the ball when he is behind the center to block UNLESS it is part of the play and the WR does it himself. For passing plays the WR most come to a complete stop before the ball can be snapped.

6. NO QUITTING AT ALL! If you are getting blown out just take the loss. If you are getting blown out and the player is breaking rules...DONT QUIT, but report the issue after the game and/or save game highlights.

7. DONT RUN UP THE SCORE! - When playing another user please be realistic about running up the score. Up by 21 or more in a game should consist on running the ball and waisting clock. If up a lot do not continue to score touchdowns to gain XP. Players/Owners who stat pad in blowouts could possibly see game suspensions.

8. PLAYING VS CPU - While playing CPU lg rules still apply. Any form of trying to get more stats is not tolerated. Players who break this rule could see possible suspensions. Up by 28 or more in a CPU game should consist of running the ball (dont be afraid to put in your backups) and kicking field goals. Once you get to 42 points and have a lead of more then 21, you must then punt the ball and avoid scoring.

9. STAT PADDING - Stat Padding against the CPU is not tolerated. Any stats that are out of the ordinary meaning 6+ Tds. with a QB, 300 yards with a RB, etc. will result in game suspensions for the individual player who accrued those stats. First offense is 1 game, second offense is 2, third offense 3+ games.

10. MIX UP THE PLAYS/FORMATIONS YOU RUN! - Try to mix up the gameplay. Teams should NOT be coming out in only 2-3 formations a game. You may have a "money play" but that does not mean you should run it every play or every third down. Defensively, teams should mix up man and zone. Also try your best to mix in some different formations as best as you can.

11. QB Option Offenses - When running an Option offense, The QB can not keep the ball every time. Make sure that you hand off to the RB as well.

12. BNR - TBD


Players Playing out of Position
1. For now the only out of postion change allowed are MLB to OLB, OLB to MLB, OLB to DE, DE to OLB, DE to DT, and DT to DE. These should only be changed because the player does not fit your scheme. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A 3-4 OLB moved to a 3-4 DE, 4-3 DE Moved to 3-4 DE, Etc....

2. The rest of the out positions changes must be approved by "The Sim Community". Their will be a forum where you can post your request.

3. DEPTH CHARTS - In an effort to keep the league as sim as possible, please make sure your depth charts have some kind of continuity with "real life" depth charts. For example. Brandon Marshall should NOT be your slot WR. He can be a #1 or #2, but not slot. He can occasionally line up in slot in certain formations but should not be strictly a slot WR on your depth chart.

1. The cap for upgrading speed. They are as follows

Speed attribute of 85 or below has a speed cap of 5.
Speed attribute of 86-90 have a speed cap of 3
Speed attribute of 91-94 have a speed cap of 2
Speed attribute of 95-98 have a speed cap of 1

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