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tell me whos right

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tell me whos right Empty tell me whos right

Post  Radi0ActivWaste on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:13 pm

im not trying to argue with bill its just a friendly debate, please tell me whos right so we get to the bottom of this.

[15:55:38] Billieve12 : Radio, would you rather have Jackson or Julio?

[15:56:02] Radi0ActivWaste : Desean of course lol

[15:56:12] Radi0ActivWaste : havbt u figured out it out that im an eagles fan lol

[15:56:59] Billieve12 : Didn't care. You're playing to be a fan, not to win?

[15:57:14] Billieve12 : I didn't trade Julio for CJ because CJ is a Bill

[15:57:24] Billieve12 : I did it because CJ is elite RB

[15:58:01] Billieve12 : I thought you said Jordy was 94 spd?

[15:58:10] Radi0ActivWaste : u being a bills fan had alot to do with u wanting CJ

[15:58:15] Radi0ActivWaste : come on dude

[15:58:17] Radi0ActivWaste : lol

[15:58:29] JCT1212 : Ya, there are better rbs u couldve gotten for jukio

[15:58:32] Radi0ActivWaste : hints why ur never trading him

[15:58:37] Billieve12 : It had absolutely NOTHING to do with me wanting Spiller

[15:58:47] Billieve12 : I would gladly trade Spiller for AD

[15:58:56] Radi0ActivWaste : i highly doubt it lol no offense

[15:58:59] Billieve12 : Who has them, JCT?

[15:59:10] Radi0ActivWaste : i say desean is elite cause im an eagles fan

[15:59:16] JCT1212 : Members of the league

[15:59:23] Billieve12 : Name me someone who has the better running backs, and who is willing to trade those running backs?

[15:59:34] Radi0ActivWaste : when i asked u to do reggie bush plus for CJ u said absolulty not

[15:59:41] Radi0ActivWaste : bush and CJ are identical

[15:59:45] Billieve12 : Becuase Bush sucks compared to CJ

[15:59:54] Radi0ActivWaste : not really

[15:59:55] JCT1212 : Not really tbh

[15:59:58] Radi0ActivWaste : there exactly the same

[16:00:12] Billieve12 : SHow me stat by stat how they are exactly the same

[16:00:12] JCT1212 : They're

[16:00:12] Radi0ActivWaste : some stat Cj has a little better and vise versa

[16:00:25] Billieve12 : What's Bush's OVR?

[16:00:31] Radi0ActivWaste : ill be happy to to 1 sec

[16:00:46] Radi0ActivWaste : OVR doesnt matter cause its ur scheme that affects it

[16:00:55] Radi0ActivWaste : it says revis is a 94 on my team

[16:01:03] Radi0ActivWaste : and hes a 99 in the game

[16:01:09] JCT1212 : Spiller is 91 reggie is 90 bill

[16:01:11] Radi0ActivWaste : 98 i mean im not sure

[16:01:27] JCT1212 : Maddendaddy has the real ratings

[16:01:27] Billieve12 : I know OVR doesn't matter. But OVR is made up by the individual Stats. THe dropoff is from 90 to 84

[16:01:31] Radi0ActivWaste : but ill compare the stats give me a sec to wright it up

[16:01:39] Billieve12 : I'm looking on the website right now

[16:01:43] JCT1212 : Maddendaddy has them at 90 and 91

[16:01:47] Beelzebobrising joined the chat on Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:01 pm

[16:02:19] JCT1212 :

[16:02:21] Billieve12 : And, if I recall correctly, I said no to Bush for Spiller straight up

[16:02:30] Billieve12 : Because I have no reason to downgrade

[16:03:12] Billieve12 : JCT, that's not RENOB

[16:03:42] @ Cjok1051 : spiller is better than bush. not to mention younger!

[16:04:20] JCT1212 : Thats close to renob

[16:04:33] JCT1212 : Its after updated rosters and bush hasnt gone down, only up

[16:05:27] JCT1212 : Just sayin cause im sim

[16:06:13] Billieve12 : CJ compared to Bush is as to Sim is to Simulated Intelligence

[16:06:24] Radi0ActivWaste : Reggie Bush 95 spd 97 agil 96 accel 93 elusiveness 82 bcv 81 carry 52 truck 60 stiff 90 spin 98 juke 81 catch 83 cit 87 spc 83 route 90 return 40 pass block

[16:06:26] Billieve12 : Spiller is so much better and it's not even close

[16:06:43] Radi0ActivWaste : Cj Spiller 96 spd 98 agil 96 accel 98 elusiveness 95 bcv 89 carry 69 truck 60 stiff 92 spin 99 juke 82 catch 67 cit 65 spc 69 route 45 pass block 85 return

[16:07:16] Radi0ActivWaste : 2 stats hes better in esentially thats it

[16:07:28] Radi0ActivWaste : plus reggie destroys him in catching stats

[16:07:32] Billieve12 : lol And you can't see how ridiculously different they are? BCV and ELU are the most important stats behind speed for a RB

[16:07:51] Billieve12 : BCV = Holes open up for you. You don't have to run around the O-line

[16:08:07] JCT1212 : No one runs up the middle really

[16:08:14] Billieve12 : And, as Cjok1051 said, the age

[16:08:18] Radi0ActivWaste : u have 5 more elusiveness 10 more BCV

[16:08:19] Radi0ActivWaste : thats it

[16:08:22] Billieve12 : I run up the middle more than I do the outside

[16:08:22] JCT1212 : Bcv barely matters

[16:08:35] Radi0ActivWaste : other than that thats it

[16:08:40] JCT1212 : Well with 60 truck it wont work lol

[16:08:50] Radi0ActivWaste : i dont get why u dont see this

[16:09:05] Radi0ActivWaste : and because hes better a little bit in elusive and bcv

[16:09:09] Radi0ActivWaste : thats why i was gona add

[16:09:13] JCT1212 : Well if bcv matters so much wtf r u guys doing not showering me woth offers for marshawn lynch, hes 99 bcv

[16:09:13] Billieve12 : Right. 5 and 10 points is the equivalent of over 100,000 XP to match the upgrade at that level

[16:09:24] Radi0ActivWaste : now u tell me how that doesnt make sence and how there not the same

[16:09:28] JCT1212 : With

[16:09:55] Billieve12 : To upgrade BCV from 93 to 98 will be about 40-50k

[16:09:57] Radi0ActivWaste : but 5 to 10 in game is not that BIG of a difference

[16:09:59] JCT1212 : Well there is a point where its enough, most stats its once they are at 90

[16:10:03] Radi0ActivWaste : forget the xp dude

[16:10:10] Radi0ActivWaste : in game is what matters

[16:10:10] JCT1212 : No one upgrades bcv lol

[16:10:22] Radi0ActivWaste : u can have a guy with 70 carry that never fumbles

[16:10:26] JCT1212 : Jok do u upgrade bcv?

[16:10:35] Radi0ActivWaste : and a guy with 95 carry that fumbles once a game

[16:10:56] Billieve12 : Why are we even bickering about this? It's not happening

[16:11:10] Radi0ActivWaste : to prove im right

[16:11:13] Billieve12 : CJ is better than Bush to the point where I wouldn't downgrade, unless I get drastic returns

[16:11:23] Radi0ActivWaste : cause u said CJ is SO MUCH BETTER than bush

[16:11:34] Billieve12 : He is SO MUCH better

[16:11:36] JCT1212 : Marshawn lynch has 98 bcv and 97 awr wtf r u guys doing not begging me to trade u him?

[16:11:38] Radi0ActivWaste : i guarentee people will agree with me

[16:11:41] Billieve12 : Have you ever played with both players?

[16:11:51] Radi0ActivWaste : yes

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tell me whos right Empty Re: tell me whos right

Post  RyanPelley on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:50 pm

Lol, Desean over Julio. Thats hilarious.


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tell me whos right Empty Jane

Post  bigstickybomb on Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:26 pm

Gonna just start off by sayin I hate u radio... But u def at least kno players relative value and worth unlike Billie that kids lost... And sum people do to for players they just like not who are better madden players


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tell me whos right Empty Re: tell me whos right

Post  jeffjk123 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:41 pm

wont read it all but spiller and bush are equals

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tell me whos right Empty Re: tell me whos right

Post  clutch28 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:00 pm

spiller is better but bush is pretty close


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tell me whos right Empty Re: tell me whos right

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